Stop microplastics!

Microplastic is one of the biggest environmental challenges of our time.

It’s everywhere. It harms plants, animals and people. It fuels the climate crisis, causes species to become extinct, causes infertility and is carcinogenic. And although it‘s scientifically proven and microplastic pollution is rapidly increasing, the problem is massively underestimated and little is done about it.

Together we can change this!

Microplastics don’t belong into nature.

Many years ago, a marine biologist and environmental activist told us about the first studies on the effects of microplastics on environment and health.

We have been testing, gathering scientific evidence, and engaging with industry, policy makers and NGOs. We work with universities, research groups and independent labs. We are researching and learning. There is absolutely no doubt:
Microplastics are one of the greatest environmental disasters of our time.

We had to take action. It’s the only way we can reduce microplastic pollution. The GUPPYFRIEND Washing Bag was the first step. It makes the microplastic problem visible, helps to communicate it and is an easy-to-use solution with which everyone can contribute against the microplastic flood.

Following this philosophy, we develop further solutions against microplastics. We inform, create awareness about the impact and support others to minimize their microplastic footprint.

Join us! Thank you for your contribution to a microplastic-free nature.

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