Click Hock Shield Ultra

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Because some products can burn skin when wrapped, please consult veterinarian when using medications under our Shields.

Note: Some horses may grow white hairs on back of leg where top band rubs.

If your horse has neoprene sensitivity, do not use these products.


Click Hock Shield Ultra

The Ultra is a full wrap to ensure coverage even if your horse has an extra hard way of twisting while pushing off the ground. It can also be used for horses with arthritic hocks to prevent chill. The thin neoprene and double layer of fleece make a very comfortable but tough boot that can be worn full-time, especially for those horses with deep chronic sores.

Can be worn 24 hours/7 days a week.

Plan on replacing your Hock Shields after about 3 months of full-time wear.

Some horses have been known to wear their Hock Shields for 6-12 months.

Content Outer Shell – tear-resistant neoprene
Lining – soft fleece

Hock Shield Ultra sizes

13″ – 14.9″ = S/M

15″ – 16.9″ = L/XL

Not to be used on horses in turn-out or on pasture. It is not advisable to restrict the leg when your horse is in a full gallop.

How to Determine Correct Size

  • Measure the smallest point just above the hock joint.
  • Make sure the leg is straight and the hoof is flat on the ground.


How to attach Click Hock Shield Ultra:

VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure the leg is straight under and the hoof is flat on the ground.

  1. Make sure the side with tag is on the outside of leg.
  2. Pull front flap around to outside of leg. Pull it only so it will connect with the Hock Shield. Have it as loose as it can be without creating wrinkles under the strap.
  3. Lay Hock Shield on top of flap attaching inside Velcro pieces.
  4. Bring the elastic strap around the inside of leg to the outside and attach to upperVelcro for a “snug” fit.
  5. Lock top Velcro flap down.



Q: How long do the Hock Shields usually last?

A: It depends on your horse but typically you should get 3-6 months of wear.

Q: The hock sore is open and bloody and I have to clean my Hock Shield off every day. Should I cover it until it scabs up?

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