Equisafety Hi Viz Reflective Leg Boots

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Sold in pairs

One size fits all!

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These boots can be fitted over brushing boots. They are made from a strong and durable, yet soft, black waterproof fabric with two 2” fluorescent and reflective bands stitched on top of each boot.

They have been tested by Endurance and Le Trec riders as well as EQUISAFETY in the UK. Not one tester came back with a problem, they all said they stayed in place and were extremely visible.

As they will invariably get very muddy,  they can be popped into the washing machine, or into a bucket of water, time after time and still come out looking brand new.

When the horse wears them on all 4 legs, they look fantastic and best of all, the movement of the legs really catches the driver’s eye.

2 pairs is advisable and look much smarter as well as more visible.

They are one size because they are so adjustable. They can fit a 11.2hh show pony and go up to a 17hh –  just cut off the fastening you don’t use.

They are that versatile; they can be cut in half and used for miniature Shetlands as well.

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