K9 Kunzea Summer Fly and Tick Spray

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K9 Kunzea Summer Spray is an effective deo for dogs and horses that spend alot of time out in nature.

Repels Ticks and other insects!

500 ml / 17 oz

Should not be used on cats.
For best results, it is recommended to spray regularly.


K9 Kunzea Summer Fly and Tick Spray, has a pleasant aroma of lemon balm, chrysanthemum, Kunzea Bush extract and genuine lavender oil.

A tick and insect spray for animals that spend a lot of time outside in nature.

K9 Kunzea Summer Fly and Tick Spray also contains Aloe vera which can soothe the animal if they have received a lot of insect bites. It also cools, conditions and reduces a static coat.

Tick & Insect Repellant

The use of Kunzea Oil as a repellent is still being studied, however, the popular name “Tick Bush” is derived from native animals said to be often found sleeping under Kunzea plants, where they seek relief from ticks and other parasites.

Christer the owner and founder of K9 grooming products, walks the dog on his lunch breaks in the woods, if he doesn’t spray Belli, he can find 5-6 ticks when he gets back, but if he sprays her with Kunzea Summer Spray none, zero, null, …

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