‘On The Buckle’ Spur Straps from Spur Tech

$ 27.00 ex. VAT

Black with Silver Buckle

1 pair (2 straps)

Boots & spurs not included with spur straps


“On the Buckle” Spur Tech Spur Strap with decorative buckle. Installs and looks like a traditional spur strap; works and fits like a Spur Tech strap!

One size (1/2″ x 23″). 

Can be trimmed to reduce length.

Review from @flaxenpony – Instagram

Today I tried my new Spur tech spur straps from @outdoor_functional_wear. I have one word for them…AMAZING! As someone who regularly wears spurs I cannot tell you how much of a hassle they are to take off and put on. I also have quite skinny ankles, meaning I am always on the very tightest hole of my spur straps and even that sometimes isn’t enough to stop them moving! Not only did the spur tech straps adjust perfectly to my small ankles, but they kept my spurs perfectly in place and looked flawless whilst doing it. They’re so easy, I can even do them up with one hand! 🙈

I cannot recommend these enough to any of my fellow show riders who want simple, easy and aesthetically pleasing spur straps!

Pictures above from Julie Payne 3 times Gold Medalist Para Dressage Rider, who now wears only Spur tech Straps

Jill Howser, creator and founder of Spur Tech Spur Straps, shows you how to customize and wear your straps.

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