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EquiFits Mission

They are ambassadors for equestrians and equine athletes alike. It is their love of horses, as well as their experience in the ring, in the barn and on the road that drives every idea and influences every decision they make. Driven by science and innovation, they are constantly seeking new ideas, technology, materials and ingenuity. For their horses and riders, they translate decades of healthcare and fitness intelligence into premium products. 

When you buy EquiFit, you can rest assured that your purchase is made with top-quality materials by highly skilled hands, in fair and ethically sound conditions. At EquiFit, they do their part to protect the planet by always making environmentally conscious choices. Wherever possible, they minimize packaging and opt for natural solutions. It is their mission and their passion to develop products of the highest quality that will help horses and riders succeed at every level.



The EquiFit BellyBand helps protect and guard against spur rubs and sores around your horse’s girth and sides. This invaluable necessity is made with breathable, non-neoprene elastic that offers full-coverage protection. Adjustable hook and loop girth loops are easy to put on and take off, and a reinforced safety closure ensures a secure fit.  


Pack-N-Stick HoofTape

New Pack-N-Stick HoofTape eliminates the hassle of cutting, assembling, and applying duct tape to packed hooves. Pre-cut and anatomically shaped, Hoof Tape features a high grade adhesive that provides a secure grip, even when worn overnight. The hoof can be packed and/or medicated as normal.

ShouldersBack Original and LITE ™

Developed by a leading orthopedic team to help rider’s improve posture, ShouldersBack™ is also worn by professional athletes, dancers, chiropractors, dental hygienists, actors and models. With consistent use ShouldersBack helps retrain your mind and muscles to stay in a correct, upright position. ShouldersBack™ is comfortable, breathable and does not restrict nor hinder your movement.


Equifit SilentFit EarPlugs

SilentFit EarPlugs are designed to fit comfortably in the ears, stay in place and block out sounds.



Cushioned comfort and full-sole support has never been so simple!

These custom fit EVA pads provide relief to sore-footed, stone-bruised and laminitic horses. An advanced alternative to hoof packing, EquiFit's HoofSavers can be used daily for pain relief and protection, or as a preventive measure against foot ailments.