Equine Eye Injuries


There are many ways in which a horse can injure his eye or eyes.  Horses can always find a way and other horses can sometimes be the culprits.  One can never predict when a horse may become injured but when it happens, quick action and treatment may save your horses eyes.

 Here are just a few ways in which a horse can become injured around the eyes and face

 A kick or bite from another horse - Sharp objects in or around a horses stall or pasture

 Fighting with other horses that might cause trauma to an eye or eyes

 Accidental head bumping into other objects - Splinters from wood or trees including dead tree limbs

 Tack or loose equipment that might be laying around the barn, stall or pasture

 Rubbing against objects such as stalls or fences - Trailer injuries caused by a horse becoming excited or nervous

 Foreign objects from flying debris such as leaf particles, dust or dirt - Insect stings - Human inflicted trauma

 There are hundreds of ways a horse can manage an injury but once an injury has been sustained, the first thing that is recommended is to assess the situation.  If there is bleeding and or visible cuts, veterinary treatment is recommended.   If it appears that your horse has a foreign object lodged in the eye, you could try gently rinsing to see if you can remove the object and determine if there is any damage.  If you find small particles or objects in the eye you can try using a clean handkerchief corner to remove the object.  Sometimes clean  cotton tipped applicators can help.  Eye washes can also be helpful to clean out any blood from a torn eye lid or eye if you can manage to keep the horse calm enough.  Any injury to a horse can be very traumatic, always use caution when approaching an injured horse.

 If your horse has sustained a traumatic injury, your veterinarian may suggest treatment or if there is sutures, there may also be medications and follow-up treatment that is required.   If you wish to help protect your horses eyes while receiving treatment we recommend using a Guardian Mask. 

The Guardian Mask will help keep dust, debris and insects out of the eye area so it may help promote healing.   It will also help keep the harmful UV rays of the sun from causing additional pain to your horse.   The unique design of the mask has a raised set of "eyes" that are made of sturdy heavy duty materials and keep the eye covers away from the eyes.  This helps prevent rubbing which could cause further damage to your horses eye.


You may also consider using Guardian Masks for prevention.   The Guardian Mask products are excellent in helping keep the eyes protected not just against the harmful UV rays of the sun but also excellent in protecting against harsh winds and the debris that might follow.

Always remember to seek the advice of your veterinarian in any case to help determine what is best for your horse.  

A horses eyes are key to his health and they are not only expressive but help you read how your horse feels.  All creatures have a natural ability to read others by searching their eyes, it is true that the eyes bring the world in, and it is also true that the inner creature is revealed through their eyes.  Protecting them is as important as the horses overall health.