Celina Kristmansson


Celina Kristmansson has been chosen to join the reserve team in the Program "10 Olympians...10 Clinics...1 Dream " follow her journey

"I am a 17 year old girl who lives and studies at Ridsportsgymansiet Strömsholm, also known as Sweden's "horse center". 

Right now my current horse and I have only competed at LB dressage level but I have higher ambitions. I train in both dressage and jumping, but invest mainly in dressage. Personally, I have competed up to the National Pony Class, and have riden since I was six years old. The best thing I know is to combine exercise with my horse while training myself. I think that by being assertive, positive, forward and purposeful, you can get exactly where you want to be but you must be ready to work hard."



Celina Kristmansson

Jag Ă€r en tjej pĂ„ 17 Ă„r som bor och pluggar pĂ„ ridsportsgymansiet Strömsholm, Ă€ven kallat Sveriges "hĂ€stcentrum". Just nu har jag och min nuvarande hĂ€st bara tĂ€vlat LB dressyr men har ambitioner att gĂ„ mycket högre. Jag trĂ€nar bĂ„de dressyr och hoppning men satsar mest pĂ„ dressyren. Personligen har jag tĂ€vlat upp till nationell klass pĂ„ ponny och ridit sedan jag var sex Ă„r gammal. Det bĂ€sta jag vet Ă€r att kombinera trĂ€ning med hĂ€st och trĂ€na mig sjĂ€lv. Jag tror att genom att vara bestĂ€md, positiv, framĂ„t och mĂ„lmedveten kan man ta sig precis vart man vill bara man Ă€r redo att lĂ€gga ner jobbet.