The Original SleekEZ (Large) Grooming Tool

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The Original by SleekEZ (Large) grooming brush for horses are favoured among horse and livestock owners.

Size 10′

So simple, so effective! 


The Original SleekEZ (Large) Grooming Tool works on any animal year-round for removing all expired hair.

Built up of teeny, tiny teeth configured in a unique tooth and wave pattern.

The Original works by grabbing at the tips of the hair to extract from the skin without painful tugging.

The 10″ grooming brush for horses, larger animals is meant to be used with two hands to quickly deshed year-round. 

Beneficial for horses year round, but during the heavy shedding season, no other horse grooming tool on the market works as well to naturally deshed, and fast. 

Hair collects along the blade of teeth in tidy rows before falling to the ground for later cleanup. 

No need to pull hair from the tool, it just falls into neat little piles to the ground. 

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Weight 0.4 kg

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