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Good To Know

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 “Having seen this gadget in operation I am impressed. If that overactive horse with huge movement living on the side of a hill can keep his shoes on, it will work for any horse.”

“My horse is very prone to this as he is a big horse 17hh with long legs, quite short coupled and has a very large natural over track.”

“More shoes are lost by my mare putting her feet in the fence and the wire getting stuck between her hoof and the shoe, which eventually pulls the shoe off.”

“Overreaching is a big problem for my pony she is often stunned into being temporarily lame”

“Any innovation that increases the welfare of the horse and reduces farrier bills and frustration is fabulous!”

“I’ve tried every brand of overreach boot so far and none of them work out in muddy fields.”

“I have seen this happen so very often.With lots of visits to the farrier this can end up becoming extremely expensive.”


“Gait analysis has shown that the wearing of the shoe shield does not alter the loading of the limb during the weight-bearing or stance phase of the stride. Furthermore, it has no significant effect on the flexion/extension of the forelimb joints during the swing phase of the stride.”

– Tim Watson BVM&S PhD MRCVS


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