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HandsOn Gloves

At HandsOn, they take an innovative, revolutionary approach to solving problems with the goal of producing the highest-quality products for the world’s top trainers and athletes, to the everyday animal lover.


Feature 1

Wet or dry, our 5 fingered grooming gloves are unbeatable

The perfect combination of scrubbing nodules on fingers and palms. Your gloves will not slip or fall off even when wet and soapy. Best de-shedder on the market and it simply and easily releases accumulated hair.


Feature 2

Relaxes and helps naturally build a bond with your animals

Massages muscles and stimulates circulation while helping to distribute natural oils for a healthy skin and coat. The gloves tactile touch gently cleans sensitive areas like legs, faces, ears and tight body contours.

Feature 3

Your hands and fingernails stay clean

With its versatile, flexible grip you can easily handle water hoses, shampoo bottles, lead ropes, leashes, or anything else you may need with your gloves on. Manure and other foul-smelling stains are much easier to clean with your HandsOn Gloves.

handsonglove 3.jpg

Feature 4

Most animals will gravitate to you wanting more grooming and petting time

Animals favor the HandsOn touch far better than any other grooming/massage products. HandsOn grooming and petting allow you to connect with your animals on a level far beyond other grooming products.


Feature 5

Compact, easily fits in your pocket, grooming caddy, tote or bag

Lightweight and extremely durable, doesn’t crack, tear or mildew even under heavy grooming and bathing conditions


Shedding season Showdown

Blade Versus Handson Gloves


From Professional Equine Grooms:

It’s unavoidable – the heavy Spring shed of horse owners and the milder, but equally annoying, fall shed.  The best things to do are to avoid standing downwind, forgo wearing lip balm, and curry until your arms fall off.  There are some amazing tools out there to help your horse or dog (or goat or cat) get this done – so they are going head to head in an epic battle.   Let’s call this the ultimate horse shedding tool showdown!

Can the tool be used wet – for a bath, or it’s rainy, or you dropped it in a puddle?  HandsOn Gloves are designed to go from dry to wet and back to dry, letting your horse be massaged during a shampoo.  Blades are not water friendly.  Think warped handles and rusty blades.

HandsOn Gloves:  1               Shedding blade:  0

Can the tool be used all over your horse?  The gloves are designed to work over bony portions, down legs, on faces, in sensitive areas.  Blades, they are rigid and metal, no way you can get into the nitty gritty or move over shoulders and hips.

HandsOn Gloves:  1               Shedding blade:  0

Can the tool be used all year long?  HandsOn Gloves do multiple duty as shedding assistant, bath mitt, massage instrument, and daily curry comb.  The metal blades don’t double as curry combs, massage tools, or bath mitts.

HandsOn Gloves:  1               Shedding blade:  0

Can the tool help you determine if your horse is sore? Wearing a glove allows you to get instant feedback about any place on your horse that might be sore.  A shedding blade might be the actual cause of irritations, and certainly doesn’t give you any feedback into your hands and fingers about how your horse feels.

HandsOn Gloves:  1               Shedding blade:  0

Can the tool enhance your horse’s coat by bring up natural oils and removing dander?  HandsOn Gloves work down into the hair, letting the skin be massaged and stimulating your horse’s natural oils and shine.  This process also brings up dirt, dust, and dander, which is then easily removed with a brush.  Shedding blades are designed to go along the surface of your horse.

HandsOn Gloves:  1               Shedding blade:  0

Can the tool remain in your hand without being dropped?  And on the same note, is the tool easy to hold if you have wrist, hand, or finger stiffness?  HandsOn Gloves stay on your hands – you are not holding anything.  Shedding blades have a tendency to slip, be dropped, and be generally unruly.

HandsOn Gloves:  1               Shedding blade:  0

Can you use the tool to pick up other things?  Like a hoof pick, a dandy brush, a shampoo bottle?  If you are wearing grooming gloves, you are in luck, as your fingers will still work to grab other things.  With the shedding blades, you are stuck putting down and picking up.

HandsOn Gloves:  1               Shedding blade:  0


Sharing Grooming tools

Green gloves.jpg

Being a horse owner means being vigilant about your horse’s health and comfort. One way to help prevent the spread of disease is to have separate grooming supplies and separate tack from the other horses in the barn. While this seems like too much trouble, it definitely beats a skin infection or a nasty virus making it’s way around.

While this may mean you are doing a bit more shopping, you should keep the following for your horse and only your horse.

  • Saddle pads can be shared if necessary, but only if they are fresh from the laundry. Skin issues, like rain rot, can jump from horse to horse via shared tack. After one horse has worn it, it either goes to the laundry right away or it stays with that horse until it needs the laundry. It’s easy to keep track if you have a hook or bar near your saddle so they can stay together.

  • Horse boots and polo wraps can be handled like saddle pads. Fresh from the laundry, they are fair game for any horse, but once on a horse they stay with that horse until the next laundry.

  • Saddles. Using a saddle pad under your saddle on a different horse might be ok, as the pad works as a barrier. However, parts of the saddle or bridle might come into contact with your horse.

  • Bits. Each horse should have their own bit to use. Not only for fit and positioning, but also for helping to keep viruses and other potential sicknesses from spreading. If you do need to try bits on another horse, a thorough scrubbing or run through the dish washer will disinfect the bit.

  • Grooming brushes. Ideally, each horse has his own set of grooming tools. The most common thing that grooming brushes can pass between horses is a skin infection, like rain rot. Rain rot is a bacterial infection, but horses can also develop other skin issues that may be contagious between horses. Fungal infections and even mites and other parasites can jump from horse to horse.

All of these common stable items can be easily labelled, and you might want to start colour coordinating your horse’s tools and tack.


Overlooked Areas

There are so many reasons to spend quality time grooming your horse. You will form a strong bond, you can check out his skin for cuts and scrapes, and you can help him maintain a great shine. Of course you will also be able to scratch all of his itchy places, too. But let’s examine some of the most commonly overlooked places on horses that you should be paying attention to.

  • The underside of your horse’s head, between his jaw cheeks – This is an area that seldom sees a curry comb, due to the small space and large curry. But, Hands On Gloves fit right in. Because they are gloves with soft nodules, you can use one, two or all fingers to massage and clean this normally hard to get to area.

  • The corners of the mouth – this area is often irritated by the bit, and can crack, blister, and peel.

  • The ears. For the most part, ears are “self cleaning” on the inside and need very little intervention. But – daily inspections and gently currying are helpful for staying ahead of problems. And, it’s good desensitization for your horse.

  • The sheath/udders – yes, it’s personal, and yes, it’s necessary. Tumors and goo and scrapes and bugs and scabs love to live here. Proceed with caution using grooming gloves in these sensitive areas.

Many horses like to have their sheaths scratched, other horses, not so much.

  • Under your horse’s tail – the rectum area likes to get dirty, flakey, and icky. Also, check on the underside of your horse’s tail bone.

  • In between the butt cheeks – This area loves to get rubs, from warm weather work outs, to finding the sweet spot on a fence. Clean, and then protect before another ride.

  • Coronary bands – sometimes, if the hair is not trimmed, you can miss the beginnings of a crack. This is also a very common area for scrapes and cuts. Be sure to use your fingers and eyes to inspect this area!

  • Elbow area – this area formed by the elbow, the belly, the girth area, and the zillion folds of skin, is very popular for sores and irritations. Tack, sweat, skin, and dirt can create sores, that sometimes can’t be seen. And ticks.

Use your grooming gloves to play with where you horse likes to be groomed, and with some pressure. For sensitive areas, you might find a lighter touch is better. Also allow your bare hands to do some of the inspecting so that you know exactly how things should feel.


Outdoor Functional Wear is a non-exclusive vendor and reseller of HandsOn® Gloves in Sweden.

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