K9 Aloe Vera Conditioner

K9 Aloe Vera Conditioner


Trusted by breeders and trainers, this everyday conditioner delivers show standard results every time.

• Fantastic lustre!
• Fast drying!
• Tangle free!

pH 4.5

300 ml / 10.14 oz

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This conditioner provides an outstanding shine and optimal moisture balance.

With antistatic properties, it has a repelling effect on dirt and dust.

This balanced formula is quick drying, anti static with a long lasting effect.

It is also economical and helps to make equine care easy.


Start by washing with K9 Competition Horse Shampoo.  

Use the conditioner as it is or dilute up to 1-40.

Leave in for 2-3 minutes for best results.

Rinse with colder water on normal coats / warmer on oily coats.


Aqua, steramidopropyl lactate, germanidopropyl lactate, D-pathenol, wheat proteine, certified aloe vera, fragrance and preservative.