Chia De Gracia Healthy Horse Crackers

Chia De Gracia Healthy Horse Crackers


English: CdG Healthy Horse Crackers are not only delicious, but also delicious and super-healthy!

Contains: Muesli, Linseed, thyme, carrot, turmeric, beetroot, barley, oats, spirula, peppermint and a pinch of love!

Svenska: CdG Healthy Horse Crackers är inte bara läckra, men också läckra och SUPER friska!


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The package contains four different crackers:

  • Light Immunity Booster containing muesli, linseed and thyme.

  • Yellow Flex & Care with Carrot and Turmeric.

  • Pink Beetroot Pure Detox, containing beetroot, barley, oats and flax seeds.

  • Green Green Power, which includes spirulina, peppermint, oats and linen.

These biscuits are not only good but they also do good!