Deconstructed Silver Whinny Bandage by Sox For Horses

Deconstructed Silver Whinny Bandage by Sox For Horses


Fièvre de boue: Gale de boue: Mauke: Mok: Muk: Palapala fiva: Gruodas: Mugg/Rasp

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Its a painful thing to have that crack and reopen constantly and pretty much a horse gets tired of being treated everyday there because it hurts.

When we have bad cases of mud fever on the pastern that have created cracks, we look to bandage in a way that is not going to cause the horse more pain. Pulling a sock on over the hoof and having that spot bend again is causing pain... so Sox For Horses recommends deconstructed sox, you wrap instead of pull a sock over the hoof.

They are tubes but can act as a sock. Here is a photo of how we have done it and it works great, this is a gentle way of getting Sox for Horses magnificent silver fiber right against the wound, and at the same time, not costing your horse pain.