HAAS Brush Diva Exklusiv

HAAS Brush Diva Exklusiv


Haas brush Diva Exklusiv lambskin from Matthes surrounded by a rim of horse hair for a perfect shiny look, lacquered back and a leather hand strap.

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Spend some extra cuddle time with your favorite equine companion before and after your workout with the Haas Diva Horsehair & Lambswool Center Brush with Handle! Combining the softest horsehair and lambswool, this luxurious brush leaves your horse's coat silky smooth with an incredible shine that is sure to be the talk around the stable. 

German craftsmanship means no shortcuts were taken in the manufacturing process, so you can rest assured your horse is being pampered with the best. This innovative design features hand loop and bristles directly incorporated within the body of the brush. This eliminates the use of nails, spikes, or screws which means better safety for horse and rider. Without the use of glues, nothing can fall apart so you can use and enjoy this brush for years to come. With improved hygienic properties, this brush can be washed for a clean grooming experience every time.

A must-have for the grooming box, this top-of-the line brush is sure to bring out the diva in you and your equine partner! 


  • Exceptional German Quality

  • Combines the Softest Horsehair and Lambswool

  • Gives Hair Incredible Shine and Gloss

  • Comfortable Handling and Use

  • Increased Longevity and Shatter Resistance

  • Better Hygiene (Brush can be Washed)

  • The Best Pampering Around for Your Horse!

The amazing HAAS Diva Polishing brush with a lambwool center panel, as you would expect from Haas the brush is manufactured to the highest quality.  These brushes should last you many years, very easy to clean, just wash with warm  water in a Wool detergent and rinse well. Let dry slowly and naturally in normal warm temperature. Do not place into the sun to dry or on a warm surface.

The absolute best brush you will find for polishing and achieving that unbelievable show ring shine

Great for more sensitive areas such as the face and final show ring polishing.

  • Lambskin panel bordered by horse hair

  • Comfortable Leather Strap

  • Hygiene (the brushes are washable)

  • High stability

  • Long-life

  • Easy handling

  • Water resistant

  • Accuracy in assembly

  • Better anchorage of the bristles

  • No Splintering Inserted hand strap, HAAS patent.

  • The strap is inserted before the bristles are secured into the backs. No nails, no screws, no pins and therefore no risk of injury.  The straps can not loosen or be pulled out.  This guarantees a long-life brush.