HAAS Parcour Brush

HAAS Parcour Brush


For this brush HAAS use a mixture of grey and black horse hair.

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Crafted in Germany with quality and care, the Haas Parcour Horse Hair Bristles Body Brush will quickly become essential in any grooming tote or tack room! 

Black and grey horse hairs are combined to create an exceptional cleaning effect. The comfortable leather hand strap is incorporated into the body of the brush to avoid the use of nails or glue, and to create a product that is sure to last. This brush stands up to the toughest grooming jobs and effectively removes dust and dandruff to reveal a soft, shiny coat. 


  • Carefully Crafted in Germany

  • Medium-Stiff Horse Hair Bristles

  • Bristles and Handle Attached Within Body of Brush

  • Built to Last