Hitch de luxe by Northern Well

Hitch de luxe by Northern Well


Northern Wells business idea is to develop and market specially designed and innovative products, where one can hang and support items in a smooth and flexible way, without any extra tools or other attachments.

Flexible, mobile and innovative saddlehanger. A stylish cover with soft lining as well as a carrier with shoulder strap that give you hands free. Hangs your saddle wherever you like via a smart strap and special designed hooks.

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Flexible saddlehanger

The new HITCH De Luxe has a soft plush lining and a shoulder strap to have your hands free.
The velcro strap is longer so it is perfect for Spanish saddles and saddles with built up pads.
Black water repellent outer fabric comes with either gold, silver or pink lines and combined carabiner hooks.

The specially designed aluminum hooks are surrounding Ø 25 mm which therefore can reach around most boxbars. Elastic cords in the back tightens the cover around the saddle.

NOTE! The saddle is hanging by the hooks and with the velcro strap surrounding the saddle. The cover is there to protect your saddle and you can uncover the skirts and stirrups at any time while the HITCH hangs your saddle.


How to put on

Pull HITCH bag over the saddle with the hooks towards the front.


Pull the soft Velcro band from the front at the pommel towards the back under the saddle in between the saddle gullets. Attach it on the ruffer Velcro surface at the back on top of the cantle.

There is plenty of room for the girth underneath if removed and put on top of the saddle.
Pull tight!

The Velcro band can be cut to a length of your choice.

Adjustable size

Pull and tighten the elastic cords with the cord locks underneath of the HITCH. It will adjust the protective cover to your saddle.

Hooks for wide bars

Attach HITCH wherever!

You can also attach the two hooks to each other in order to hang your saddle around a pole or paddock fence.

Leaves no marks

Detaching is easily done if you first of all lengthen the straps by pressing the strap locks. Hold on to the saddle by the handle and simply press the gate in and hook the HITCH off. HITCH always comes with your saddle.

At the handle there are two locks to adjust the straps length. The carabiner hooks are especially made to reach around larger bars. Very strong due to being made from strong aluminium and the flat shape.

Adjustable straps

Keep the straps long before hanging the HITCH. Hold the saddle by the handle as you hook on to the hanging place. Pull each strap upwards to tighten the saddle against the front. Now you can adjust your stirrups or clean your saddle by uncovering the sides. The HITCH is safely in place by the strap and hooks.