Sox For Horses Large Bandage Sock

Sox For Horses Large Bandage Sock


Fièvre de boue: Gale de boue: Mauke: Mok: Muk: Palapala fiva: Gruodas: Mugg: Rasp


Large bandage sock or hock bandage

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Bandaging Large Joints: Silver Whinnys Large Bandage Sox

The Large Bandage Sox are made of two deconstructed Silver Whinnys® sewn together to make a double wide sock that has been effective in bandaging hocks, and other large equine joints; they also lend themselves very well to bandaging the torso of a large dog.

The good thing about these socks aside from their versatility for use in bandage construction is that they won’t be too tight, cause over compression, or restrict blood flow when used over large joints. They are a heavier bandage and tend to require additional support such as the Hock Shields® shown over the Large Bandage Sox.