Verano Ultimo Fly Horzehood

Verano Ultimo Fly Horzehood


Ideal as a skin barrier/under armour to be used in conjunction with your current summer fly sheets to help protect sensitive and allergy prone skin.

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Ideal as a multi-functional hood to aid in the management of Summer problems experienced by many horse owners around the world. The properties of the fabric have been reported to help with Sweetitch sufferers, allergies, sun burn and particularly white & dark coloured horses which suffer immensely in the heat and sun.

The product also has a built in Velcro attachment along the nose which pairs up to the Velcro detachable nose net should you find a need for this, which Horzehoods provides as a free accessory, included in your purchase.

It is optional to the owner if they wish to use it alongside the hood or not.

Horzehoods found with the heavy fabrics that are currently on the market for Summer months, that they were easily adaptable to withstand the field environment but not very lightweight making it hard for the skin to breath. A horse already suffering with allergies can be exacerbated by heat, causing overheating and sweating, which can act as a breeding ground for bacteria and allergy based skin conditions. Therefore by having something super lightweight on as opposed to a heavy fabric, the Verano hood will help protect the skin from the elements such as the sun and also flies, without compromising your horses comfort, as is possibly with the lack of breathable of a thick, woven, more waterproof hood.

Horzehoods suggests you let the hood protect the skin and let a lightweight rug or fly rug protect the hood.

The hood is not designed for sole use on its own for turnout. It is designed to be used in conjunction with a rain sheet or fly sheet to add additional protection and act as a barrier for your horses skin.

  • Made to be the exact design & style as our regular hoods but made with a more expensive multi-function fabric called Meryl

  • Ice Blue to detract the sun

  • Comes with a detachable nose net

  • 4-1 Mane Saver Fabric. Shoulder Guard, Bib & Hood

  • Zip chin to chest

  • Built in water 'repellent' properties so perfect to help prevent from stable stains (not waterproof)

  • Made from luxury top quality Meryl Fabric Blend

  • Waterproof noseband in replace of Horzehoods standard fleece

  • 4 way stretch ultimate lightweight medical fabric blend

  • extra wide eye holes

  • Dries 4 times faster than cotton

  • Natural UVA protection within the fabric

  • Derlin buckle clip fastener rather than Velcro which loses stickability over time

  • HorzeHoods unique ‘4 loop bib system©’

  • Breast design to mould & enhance movement of shoulders

To help with the size simply compare your horses current rug size to the recommended hood/body siz

Horses Rug Size                                                                          Recommended Hood/Body Size

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