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About K9 Grooming Products by Christer & Per-Erik Johansson



In the beginning of 1970, our family owned business started out by developing, producing and marketing a range of hygenic skin and hair care products for humans.  Due to a lifetime of family loved dogs and cats, as well as those members of the family that love horses, we began experimenting with several existing pet coat care products on the European and U.S. markets. The results fell short of our expectations.

In 1993, the development of our successful and popular PCL range of products for dogs and cats brought about further development and success in 2007 launching the K9 Competition product series.  K9 Competition has taken the pet world to new heights and has made the “dog show” world stand up and pay attention! Our standard of the “highest quality ingredients available” includes Aloe Vera, B5 Vitamins and Silk Protein as well as nature friendly ingredients. The end result being products optimum for everyday use as well as professional use, that we as animal owners and exhibitors of all breeds of dogs and cats, so highly demand. The fact that we are established in countries all over the world, brings us great pride and satisfaction!

Our 40 years of development and success now leads us to the path of demand for “high quality” coat care products for all breeds of horses, that being the K9 Competition Horse series. In early 2011 trial packets were distributed to horse breeders and owners in Sweden with exceptional results. However, it is the endorsement from a highly respected, successful and trusted horse trainer and breeder in Arizona that gave us the “leg up” to launch this world class product called “K9 Competition Horse”.

We are truely excited about the future.

Christer & Per-Erik Johansson


 About the Products

K9 COMPETITION HORSE sets a totally new, higher standard in coat care for all breeds of horses.

It is time saving, quick drying and a supreme detangler with long lasting effect. It is easy to use and you will get immediate, stunning results every time. For  daily use and shows!

K9 COMPETITION HORSE is made in Sweden of the best natural ingredients available on the market, in order to make your wise environmental choice simple.
The products have a calming effect on sensitive skin and scalps and do not irritate.

K9 COMPETITION HORSE FORMULA adds the active ingredients in perfect harmony, in order to give nourishment, moisture balance and optimized coat quality.
The products are easy to work with, disentangling and timesaving. They give the coat a shorter drying time and wonderful and long lasting results.

K9 COMPETITION HORSE is suitable for all breeds of horses



Aloe Vera (100% pure, cert.)
Rich in minerals, vitamins, and enzymes. Often referred to as “the Miracle Plant”.
Qualities: • Anti-bacterial • Anti-fungal • Anti-inflammatory • Anti-oxidant
• Counteracts redness • Counteracts itching • Counteracts dry skin • Counteracts dry coat
• Nourishing for coats • Nourishing for skin • Gives natural lustre
• Calming effect on irritated skin • Healing effect on wounds

D-Panthenol (Vitamin B5)
The most important “constructor” of the skin and the coat. Vitalises skin and hair follicles.
Qualities: • Moisture balancing • Strengthens the hair shaft • Strengthens the skin
• Counteracts eczema, itching, peeling skin, fragile coat, hair loss, wear, tear and greying
• Gives natural color and lustre • Adds volume • Gives a natural quality to skin and coat
• Makes brushing easier and the coat dry more quickly • Repairs damaged/worn coat

Wheat Protein
Qualities: • Closes the hair shaft • Protects against free radicals
• Strengthens the cuticle layer of the hair shaft • Promotes healthy skin and coat
•  Strengthens the natural colour and lustre • Softens the skin
• Vitalising • Highly moisturising • Conditioning with lasting effect

Nano Liposomes
Have a decisive effect on the result and top finish by means of the extremely small molecules
contributing to an in-depth treatment of the hair shaft.

The above active ingredients, when combined, have a synergistic effect for optimal hair and skin quality. The carefully tested formula gives the wonderful skin and fur quality that we aim for – for competition and for everyday use.
Our other ingredients are also plantbased and biodegradable and make K9 COMPETITION HORSE your environ-mentally wise choice.