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When your preparation is complete, and your equipment fails, there are no excuses. Spur Tech was born on this notion. We use our legs methodically and often times our rides rely on that last minute leg aid. When it doesn’t happen because our spur shifted out of reach, it can usually guarantee miscues to the horse, safety concerns, pain to the foot, and winning & losing.

Spur Tech Spur Straps provide the latest in innovation to keep your spur secure and right where you put it. Our straps are state-of-the-art, made with the highest quality materials that lock your spurs into place and provide an incredibly streamlined look and feel on any size boot. No one will see a difference with “On The Buckle”. Specifically designed for impeccable formal turnout. Best of all, they are easy and quick to adjust for that perfect placement setting your spur exactly where it needs to be. No more shifting spurs! The connection with the horse is unmatched. The confidence gained is game changing.

Try Spur Tech today. We guarantee you won’t go back to your old straps. Happy riding! 

Spur Tech is a division of Five Tool LLC. Patent Pending.



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