The Idea

I grew up with horses from the age of 4, when I was lucky enough to learn to ride a shetland pony called Pixie, he changed my life and the love of horses has never left me.

In 2016 I started a small business called Outdoor Functional Wear because I came upon Uhip a company in Sweden that designs and creates innovative and functional outdoor clothing and I wanted to share this brand with my friends, their friends, hobby, professional riders and so on.

I take pride in ensuring that I listen to my customer and I pay exceptional attention to their needs, questions and requests.

My goal is to keep on searching and expanding my collection of functional, innovative horse products from Sweden or overseas and sharing them here with you, my customer.

If you are a retailer and you think that your product would fit into Outdoor Functional Wears theme, get in touch!

I love hearing from my customers, retailers and supporters from around the world.

Kim x

Equestrian life made Easier

Outdoor Functional Wear offers personal service and a collection of innovative, functional products where equestrian and outdoor life has been made easier and more fun for you.

Uhip a fantastic Swedish Design Company that knows exactly what a rider needs and wants, but their clothing doesn't just stop with the equestrian market, they are fantastic for ALL active women and children. 

The Stud plate is a high quality product with ergonomic and stylish design and Hiphoofs coloured studs make studding a true pleasure.  Forget about tap, wrench, spanner, screwdriver, cleaning pin, stud box and lost studs. The Stud plate is an all-in-one tool for studding with spanners for the most common stud sizes, a pin to get the dirt out of the stud holes and a tap to fix worn and dirty threads. It can also store eight studs on the plate.  

Northern Well business idea is to develop and market specially designed and innovative products, where one can hang and support items in a smooth and flexible way, without any extra tools or other attachments.

Red Horse Products is a small company researching, developing and manufacturing solutions to age-old health problems in horses and humans.

Bostock Developments was founded by the late Hayden Bostock. Hayden saw a need in ensuring safety for riders after he was involved in a riding accident which almost cost him his life. He designed the Bostock Safety Stirrup to ensure safety for all horse riders. They were developed and manufactured in Australia and designed to break apart if a sudden shift of the rider’s weight indicates a fall is imminent, allowing the rider to be freed from the iron attached to the saddle.
Gococo is a young sock brand from Scandinavia that puts functionality in focus. Gococo’s socks combine highly functional materials with playful colours in a simple and clean Scandinavian design. In the collection they use the markets most quick-drying material 37.5 Technology™ that helps the everyday jogger as well as the elite athlete to pursue their challenges optimally by chafing free and fresh feet. The socks role in a successful venture or activity should not be underestimated!Gococo’s sock range is designed for active women and men who demand functionality and comfort and enjoy the little extra, both in the running track and at the gym.

It is HAAS' task to produce the best grooming utensils possible. Every one of their body brushes, every mane brush and every curry is manufactured in Germany with the guarantee that you are giving your horse the best.

Silver Whinnys™ and Whinny Warmers® are made in America! Completely! Their knitting mill is an American business. The yarn spinners are all American! The socks are finished and wrapped in America. The labels on the socks are made in America. Their goal is to help horse owners better help their horses, and they also want American jobs to stay in America.

And so the collection grows!


All equestrians, if they last long enough, learn that riding in whatever form is a lifelong sport and art, an endeavor that is both familiar and new every time you take the horse out of his stall or pasture.
— Jane Smiley