Uhips Functions and Material

Zips at the front and back

Uhips cover skirts, unlike others on the market have zips in the front and the back, so you can regulate how much movement you need. How much you pull up at the front and rear depends on what activity your doing.

When we freeze or get wet it makes it very difficult to enjoy or perform as expected. A cover skirt protects the bottom and thighs from the cold, rain, wind, and dirt.

It is so easy to put on and take off and very easy and light to carry.

Skirt Function

On the inside of Uhips skirts you will find elastic bands with press studs which you attach around you thighs. Now you can enjoy your daily ride in the saddle with a skirt that stays in place and keeps you warm, dry and clean.

Two-way Zipper

All of the skirts have front zippers that fasten at the top so you can easily take off the skirt ex, while horseback. Since it is a two-way zipper, it is important that you "click in"  the zip firmly before pulling it down.

One of the great discoveries for me was the brand Uhip...The Stylish Equestrian 2017

Downfoldable Sleeves

Downfoldable Arm Sleeves

All Uhip jackets have special cuffs that you can fold down to protect your hands and wrists from the cold and/ rain. On the cuff there is a hole for your thumb and little finger for use when for instance holding your reins, riding your bike.

Elastic straps

On the inside of parka/coats and skirts you will find elastic straps with press studs to attach around your thighs. Now you can enjoy your daily ride in the saddle with a parka/coat/skirt that stays in place.

Also great while out in a carriage/buggy too!

High Slot at the Back

The coat and parkas have a high slot at the back with a waterproof liner, that you can fasten with press studs. You can open up the back of the coat/parka whilst riding.

Two way zips

Uhip uses YKK zips which are the best on the market. The front zips are a two-way zipper that you can adjust depending on your activity and what movement is required.

Detachable Hood

The jackets and coats have a hood that you can pull up over a helmet with drawstrings that can be used in bad weather, and is also removable with press studs.

High Collar

The coats and jackets have a comfortable high collar. The Arctic Sport series is lined with fleece.

RAIN & WATER RESISTANT The outer shell on Uhips products are made of tear resistant rip-stop nylon. Their jackets and skirts are DWR coated (Durable water repellent) to withstand rainy conditions. The minimum for a garment to be categorised as rain resistant is 2000 mm water pillar, Uhips clothes resist between 3-10 000 mm, which corresponds to rain during 1-2 hours for their most resistant garments.

BREATHABILITY The (DWR) coating is made to ensure that the garment keeps the water out but releases the moisture from the inside when you get warm during your activity. The balance between water resistance and transportation of moist is a delicate problem with clothes for outdoor activities.

RIP-STOP The rip stop nylon is a material constructed to withstand harsh conditions, like branches, thorns etc.

LIGHT, SOFT AND SMOOTH Uhips fabrics are also CIRE coated to enhance the smooth and soft feeling when wearing them. It also adds some rain protection.

NO DOWN FROM ANIMALS Uhip has chosen synthetic/microfibres for their products. It keeps you warm in wet and moist conditions, unlike the down from animals. Synthetic down is as warm as other traditional down, but dries much faster. Synthetic down created by using thin layers to create air pockets, which in turn supplies a very warm insulation, as the body heat is stored in these small pockets. Uhips lining is called Sorona and is made by Dupont.

DURABLE WATER REPELLENT TREATMENT (NON-TOXIC) To make a fabric water resistant, Uhip uses a DWR treatment on the fabrics (Durable Water Repellant coating). There are different types of DWR coatings, but the most commonly used today is a fluorocarbon treatment, a very large group of organic substances used in many different contexts for its special features. It makes the clothes resist water and dirt.