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Curious about Outdoor Functional Wear products. 

Read what professional and non professional Equestrians have said about this collection.

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Customer reviews from the Facebook Page Outdoor Functional Wear

Equifit BellyBand Review by Azade Apa

Hiphoof Studplate and Studs by Ally Approved

Uhips Rain Cover Skirt by Equine Cents & Sensibility

UHIP Nordic Mood Coat & Skirt – Review


EquiFit BellyBand™ by Azade Apa  

Lawyer, columnist, equestrian, animal lover! ❤ Instagram- equestrianism.middle.east Owner@Apadanismanlik GhoDho Ambassador


My name is Azade Apa, I started riding in Istanbul when I was 6 years old, grew up as a showjumper. When I was 16, I started my dressage career and 4 years in a row I was placed 1st and 2nd at Turkish Championships. That opened me the door of internationals and I represented my country at FEI Balkanic Championships. At my early twenties I went back to my showjumping trainings and became an international rider and equine mental skills trainer. Now I am working as a rider and trainer in Kuwait, Turkey and also competing in Europe and studying animal welfare and behaviors.

As much as horses are elegant and strong animals, they are sensitive too. I have been riding more than 20 years in several countries as a professional rider and I've been always trying to improve myself for doing my best to take good care of the horses I've been riding. If my horse had a spur mark or scratch because of me, I would be feeling so guilty because I always care about their maintenance, appearance and conditions. This is a part of good horsemanship that every rider needs to have.

I started using EquiFits Belly Bands a couple of years ago and I found it so useful especially for sensitive horses who can have spur marks easily.

🔸It is very easy to use, 
🔸It doesn't have any negative effect on your legs, 
🔸It is very helpful to not cause any marks on your horse, and the FEI is getting stricter with spur mark rugulations, it is better to have them. 

I believe we need to respect those animals which give us all their hearts and strength, and this is a very easy way to avoid hurting your horse and to have a good physiognomy.


Hiphoof Studplate and Studs by Ally Approved

Product tests and approves for the working equestrian. Sure the professionals have it all, but what about us “normal” lot?

So how were my studs and stud plate on Saturday?
1 word....fantastic!!

Firstly...look at them! They're pink! Now I'm sure after a few wears the pink will fade but come on, don't they look fantastic? 😁💕
To get the studs in, you don't have to be a stud expert as the all in one plate is such a doddle to use. I've used stud kits in the past with various different pieces in the box for cleaning the holes, threading etc whilst with the Hiphoof plate it's all there. No faff! They screwed in so easily and the spanner was spot on for keeping grip as I tightened the studs into place.

The gorgeous pink plate brought attention too, being so brightly coloured and the fact I had it in my hand for so long, purely because it had everything I need! The plate can even hold 8 studs on it! How cool is that? No more hunting through your tackroom the night before a show!

Paddy had extra grip on the grass arena and took home a 6th place - with lots of horses slipping on the hard ground, we definitely had an advantage.


Uhips Rain Cover Skirt by Equine Cents & Sensibility

This extremely lightweight skirt is ideal for riding in, to keep your legs dry in the rain, or to provide an extra layer of warmth in the cold weather. Stylish looking - it not just looks elegant when worn on a horse, but also for everyday wear around the yard, whether it is to keep yourself clean and dry, or to provide protection of your clothes when changing studs, washing the horse or dog.

This skirt is so much more functional than waterproof chaps or leggings, due to it's easy wearability both on and off a horse. It is so light, you genuinely will not even know you are wearing it and it does not "pull" as I find some leggings can. It also provides shelter from the rain for your saddle. What I love about this skirt is that it can be put on and taken off whilst on the horse, so no unnecessary dismounting.
The adjustable waistband ensures your comfort and the deep pockets are exceptionally well lined ensuring that nothing in them will get wet. 

So easy to clean - just wash it at 30 degrees and hang up to dry.

Be prepared for the winter in time and order yours today - as yet, unavailable in the UK and Ireland, Outdoor Functional Wear are the current stockists for them. These riding skirts really are the thing of the future in my opinion!

As always, thank you to Kim of Outdoor Functional Wear for sending me this skirt to review - it will get a lot of wear over here in Ireland now our heatwave is gone

Watch the video review here

Skärmavbild 2018-02-01 kl. 17.53.55.png

Elise Blair Review on the Uhip Nordic Mood Jacket and Skirt

Author: Braceyourselfeb

"Real girls have curves" - Scoliosis sufferer. My birthday is 24th August 1997, and I am disabled, due to chronic spine issues. I live for horses, and adore all animals! I have 1 horse, 2 cats, a rabbit, and a big salt water fish tank. Also, I make makeup tutorials on YouTube!

My channel is - www.youtube.com/channel/UCZmxNwVdYpiKFRpj9_uUgIw.

Hope you enjoy my blog!

Read more Blogging about my experience living with chronic pain due to spinal injury.

My review on the UHIP Nordic Mood coat & skirt from Outdoor Functional Wear.


My experience

I received this duo from Outdoor Functional Wear within a day of them sending it from Sweden. The service was very quick and they kept me updated with a tracking number, which told me exactly which country it was passing through at the time. Although they are from Sweden, the company sends their packages using DHL Express, so you will always receive your package within 1-2 days. It was folded nicely and wrapped up in a nice big box, so there were no creases etc caused during shipping. I ordered both the coat and skirt in a size 8, which were a perfect fit for me and my normal size.