Accuhorsemat Original (with new acupressure on the back) Set

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Effective horse therapy for pain, tightness, and tension.

Accuhorsemat is an innovative acupressure horse blanket designed specifically for horse therapy. It increases circulation and relaxes restrictions in connective tissue to facilitate smooth movement, prevent injury, and improve recovery after exercise.

Set includes a blanket with 3 acupressure mats and a bag for storage.

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Effective horse therapy for pain, tightness, and tension.


Large – Blanket size 6’9 – 7’4  / 155 cm – 175 cm

Medium  – Blanket size 6’0 – 6’6 / 130-145 cm

Small  – Blanket size 5’3 – 5’9’/ 110-125 cm

Blanket with 3 acupressure mats and a bag for storage – dimensions 29’ x 10’ x 5’ – weighs 5kg

New! ACCUHORSEMAT® Nylon blanket With front velcro straps and cross girdles

Discover the new Accuhorsemat® blanket with even more adjustable front closure. The two velcro straps gives you easy variation of pressure and even faster removal.

Blanket with three acupressure mats and bag for storage.

The new cross girdles ensure a perfect comfort for your horse.


Does your horse have pain in the back, shoulders or hindquarters? Acupressure will reduce pain and help your horse feel better.


Does your horse have tight, sore muscles? Acupressure increases blood flow and releases endorphins to promote healing.


Does your horse get wound up before events? Acupressure will help your horse relax.


Before Riding

Acupressure relaxes muscles and helps calm tense horses. It helps your horse loosen up before a ride and prevent injury.

After Riding

Use the Accuhorsemat after any ride to reduce muscle soreness and accelerate recovery.

Between Therapy

Keep your horse loose and balanced between equine therapist sessions.

FAQS – Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to apply the Accuhorsemat – before or after a ride?

It depends on your horse, your routine, and what you are working on.  Many riders use the Accuhorsemat before a ride, to help warm up the horse and alleviate tightness and pain so your horse can move more freely.  Using the Accuhorsemat after a work-out is great for recovery, taking more oxygen to the muscles to accelerate the healing process.

For horses suffering from specific issues such as SI or other chronic pain issues, you can use the Accuhorsemat for 15 minutes before AND after the ride, for the optimal results.

How long should my horse wear the Accuhorsemat?

A minimum of 15 minutes provides a significant increase in blood flow. A 20-30 minute treatment is the average time needed for your horse to feel the benefits of a treatment. Many riders leave the Accuhorsemat on for even longer to help their horses relax.

Can I use the Accuhorsemat on my horse every day? 

Yes, it can definitely be used daily! How often it is used depends on your routine with your horse

What is a typical reaction for a horse when being introduced to the blanket?

We always recommend you take it slow the first time you apply the Accuhorsemat, adding one piece at a time as your horse gets comfortable – see our instructional video at:

For most horses, you can apply the entire Accuhorsemat system during the first use, within 5 minutes. Some horses may be more sensitive and it takes a few applications to get comfortable wearing the Accuhorsemat. Your horse is likely to take notice and may shift around the first couple of minutes, once he starts to feel the treatment. Many horses find a release with the Accuhorsemat with the first use – licking, chewing, dropping their head, yawning. Other horses take a few applications before they settle in and relax. The Accuhorsemat releases endorphins, so your horse is likely to be calmer and more mentally relaxed after a treatment.

After regular use, you should notice a difference in any pain or tightness your horse has been holding. Your horse should move more freely, and should be able to gain muscle strength due to the decrease in tension in the fascia and on the muscles.

Do you always need to use the hind quarter mat, the shoulder mats, and the blanket? 

To get the maximum benefit and increase in blood flow in the whole body of your horse, the whole Accuhorsemat system should be applied. The blanket is necessary to be able to use the shoulder mats, and it also keeps an even pressure on the hindquarters mat and keeps it from shifting across your horse’s skin.

Can the Accuhorsemat be used for therapeutic purposes?

Yes, the Accuhorsemat is a great complement to acupuncture, chiropractic, and massage therapy. Using the Accuhorsemat in between therapy sessions can prolong the benefits of the therapy, keeping your horse loose and balanced. It may also increase the time between needed therapy sessions. It’s also very helpful to use the Accuhorsemat just prior to a therapy treatment, as it will relax your horse and loosen up muscles and making it easier for the practitioner to work with your horse.

How do I care for the Accuhorsemat? 

The blanket is made out of beaver nylon and the straps are made of a synthetic/cotton blend. The blanket (without the acupressure pads) can be machine washed at 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit).  
The acupressure pads are made of environmentally friendly TPE and are water resistant. The material is easy to rinse. After rinsing, hang them to dry. Do not tumble dry.

Are there batteries or any replacement parts for the Accuhorsemat?

No, the Accuhorsemat works simply and naturally, just from the pressure of the rosettes on the mat on your horse’s skin, activating the trigger points in your horse’s body. There are no batteries and no electricity is required. If one of the rosettes falls off the mat, it can be snapped back on or replaced with another rosette (replacement rosettes are shipped with an order).

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Weight 5 kg

Large, Medium, Small


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