Bostock Safety Stirrup Child

Bostock Safety Stirrup Child

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Bostock Developments was founded by the late Hayden Bostock. Hayden saw a need in ensuring safety for riders after he was involved in a riding accident which almost cost him his life. He designed the Bostock Safety Stirrup to ensure safety for all horse riders. 

They were developed and manufactured in Australia and designed to break apart if a sudden shift of the rider’s weight indicates a fall is imminent, allowing the rider to be freed from the iron attached to the saddle.

Beta International 2017 award for the Bostock Stirrup.

Bostock Developments is very proud to have designed safety stirrups suitable for all ages and riding experience.

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Bostock Safety Stirrups will break-apart if a riders weight suddenly shifts in the stirrup and a fall is imminent. This will free the rider from the stirrup and eliminate the chance of being 'dragged' by a horse.

"We believe that this is the first ever complete breakaway stirrup designed which can be used across all disciplines."

*Revolutionary Award winning Australian design available in adult and child sizes in a variety of colours.
*The Bostock Safety Stirrup has been tested for over 7 years before coming to market.
*Designed so that when there is a shift in the riders weight and the rider passes through a point of no return the bottom part of the stirrup comes away from the top, thus nullifying the possibility to be dragged. The outer part stays attached to the stirrup leather and the saddle and in the inner part releases with the foot. (A normal fall should not mean that it breaks apart).
*Simple system to reassemble - click the two parts back together making sure the arrows line up.

Adult Sizing                                                                                           

External Height - 178mm                                                                    

External Width - 145mm                                                                     

Internal Height - 117mm                                                                       

Internal Width - 116mm                                                                       

Footplate Width - 116mm  

Breakaway Point - 24kg (3 1/2 stone)                                                 

Max. Weight Capacity - 440kg (69 stone)

*Adult - Available with Black, Blue, Red and White colour detail                                       

 Child sizing

External Height - 140mm

External Width - 134mm

Internal Height - 87mm

Internal Width - 105mm

Footplate Width - 50mm

Breakaway Point - 19kg (3 stone)

Max. Weight Capacity - From 6 years

*Child - Available with Black, White and Blue colour detail

Think safety, The Bostock Stirrup could prevent a serious injury.

Think safety, The Bostock Stirrup could prevent a serious injury.