Silver Whinnys by Sox For Horses

Silver Whinnys by Sox For Horses

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Fièvre de boue: Gale de boue: Mauke: Mok: Muk: Palapala fiva: Gruodas: Mugg/Rasp

Silver Whinnys serve as an outstanding alternative to bandaging, and fly protection, a barrier used to protect legs while scratches; mud fever, summer sores, or wounds heal.

The socks breathe, allowing air to reach the skin surface, while moisture-managing yarns keep skin tissue dry.

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Sox For Horses have carefully chosen fibres for the properties that they offer to protect a leg.  Moisture management fiber wicks moisture from the leg keeping the legs cool in the heat of summer. Another combined fiber in the yarn is embedded with silver and copper ions that will not wash out and will last the life of the socks. These elements are hard at work inhibiting the growth of bacteria, fungi and mold in the socks.

Silver is well known for its properties of inhibiting the growth of bacteria. Copper inhibits the growth of fungus and mold.  Silver Whinnys™ offer a clean environment around your horse’s legs.

Silver Whinnys socks offer a light compression to the leg and many have found that the socks are useful for protecting bandaging, helping to hold on poultices, and for alleviating edema in the legs.

The high-performance yarn continuously protects the socks from playing host to bacteria, fungus, mold and mildew in the toughest conditions and will not degrade or wash out for the life of the socks regardless of how many times they are machine washed and dried.

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What size should I order?

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Warmblood/Thoroughbred cannot fit over a hoof that measures more than 7”(17,78cm) x 7”(17,78cm) width/length with a shoe.

If the horse does not wear shoes, the socks may fit 7.25”(18,41cm) x 7.25” (18,41cm) hooves without shoes.

Mammoth Donkeys: Go by hoof measurement above.
Mules: Go by hoof measurement above.

Miniature Horse/Donkey size available in pairs or sets of 4

If the hoof measures too close to the top end of one size but the next size up is too large, order the larger size up.

Return and/or exchange policy for Silver Whinnys

 New-unused socks will be refunded at 100% of your purchase price.   A £2.00 restocking fee may be charged if the packaging cannot be reused.  You must return the socks for replacement, or refund within 30 days of your purchase.  Returns must include a copy of the packing slip or purchase receipt.  The cost of shipping and handling is not eligible for refund nor is return shipping.  Exchanges can be made with an additional payment for shipping and handling.  Items that have been previously replaced because of a sizing exchange are not refundable.