Acuswedemat Back and Head

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A Swedish innovation

Many of us suffer from tired and aching backs that are related to too many hours of sitting still but also to overstrained muscles. To improve the treating of such specific parts of the body that very often gives you pain and tensions we have developed two new products within the Acuswedemat range – The Acuswedemat back and the Acuswedemat head.


“After receiving the Acuswedemat head band and back strap in October 2018 I happened that day to be going to an 3 day endurance event. My back was bad, I decided to use the back strap while driving to the event.

‘Oh wow is all I could say.’

My back pain eased and the pain in my legs which I always have, also improved. I used it that evening, before I rode in the event and after each day’s riding. It totally controlled my leg, and back pain throughout the competition.

People actually commented on how well I was managing compared to the previous year. I put that down to the Acuswedemat!!

As I suffer from migraines the head band works so well on easing the discomfort and since having both the back and head strap, I use them regularly for pain relief, circulation. I love driving home with the back strap on after a work out in gym or riding.

Highly recommend trying and very happy to endorse the Acuswedemat.”

Triple gold European medalist, Team GB Para Dressage Rider Julie Payne

On the inside of the products are pads with acupressure roses that will increase the blood flow and thus give you all the beneficial effects that brings. On top of that acupressure also releases endorphins, so called “feel-good hormones”, that will make you relaxed and feel well in body and mind.

What is acupressure?

Acupressure is an ancient oriental treatment method. As the name implies, acupressure is all about pressure rather than needles, but on the same points as acupuncture and achieving the same result. Acupressure increases blood circulation, creates balance and increases energy in the body.

Direct Benefits of Acupressure Mats

So, now that you know how accupressure works to heal your body, here are a few specific ways you can benefit from using acupressure in your daily life.

Reduce Back & Neck Pain

Acupressure help relax muscles that can cause neck and back pain including sciatica.

Minimize Muscle Soreness

Acupressure increases blood flow to your muscles to accelerate reovery.

Headache & Migraine Relief

Lying on an acupressure mat can reduce tension throughout your body and releive headaches. And, yes, it can even help with migraines!

Get More Energy

Standing on an acupressure mat sends energy throughout your body and gives you a quick boost whenever you need it.

Get to Sleep

If you have trouble sleeping, lying on an acupressure mat can help calm your mind and your body so you can get (back) to sleep quickly.

Peace of Mind

Use acupressure in your daily mindfulness or mediation routines for an enhanced feeling of well being.


The Acuswedemat back helps you release pain especially in the back but it can also be used just to help a tired back to relax. Use it at home, at the office or after training as the blood circulation helps transport waste products from the muscles. This prevents muscle soreness and gives you a faster recovery. The belt can also be used without the acupressure mat on the inside if you just want warmth and support.


If you suffer from lighter migraine and headache caused by stress and tension the Acuswedemat head can help you ease these pains.

How does it work?

• Blood circulation is increased, giving you more energy and more flexible muscles.

• The body’s healing process is accelerated.

• Relieves pain and muscle tension.

• Prevents muscle soreness.

• Enhance performance.

• Activates the body’s natural endorphins and creates a feeling of well-being.

How to use your Acuswedemat®

When you want to prevent soreness and care for your muscles both before and after exercise. But also when you are feeling stressed and want to relax, or if you are having trouble sleeping or want to relieve pain.

Because it creates a feeling of well-being and balance. Your blood circulation increases, the body’s healing process is accelerated, your muscles stay warmer and your sleep quality will be better. It also helps relieve muscle pain, improves recovery and increases your performance levels.

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