Click & Go Crystal Browband Black

$ 97.00 ex. VAT

Click & Go Crystal Browbands are stunning, fun and easy to use, you will want to change your browband again and again.

The Browbands are NOT including the Click N Go Connectors, they must be purchased separately.

Size Cob/Horse/Full



Click & Go Browbands Features

This is designed as a one-piece browband.

With specially designed connectors and built in magnetic inserts.

These innovative click n go browbands are so easy to attach to most bridles on the market.

Made using high-quality layered vegetable tanned leather, these browbands sit securely and maintain their anatomical shape.

The leather withstands scratches and frequent use to assure the long life of your browband.

The hook design and magnets are made of steel which is not susceptible to rust.

Click & Go Browbands have used rhinestones that are sewn onto a steel cable, which will not fray or tear over time.

The rhinestones are resistant to water, chemicals, and sunlight.

The browband will not open while you are training, lunging or riding.


What You Need To Do First

1. Measure your horses Bridle Headpiece to see what size connector you will need

Measuring Headpiece for connector

2. Order your favourite Browband or Browbands

3. Then order the correct size connector which you can order from the bottom of the page. They come in various sizes 2cm up to 5cm, available in Black and Brown leather

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If you are wanting Brown leather please send me a message or email 


Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg

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