Click Knee Shield Horse

$ 61.00 ex. VAT

Sold in Pairs – Left and Right

Can be worn 24 hours/7 days a week.

Because some products can burn skin when wrapped, please consult veterinarian when using medications under our Shields


Click Knee Shield Horse

The unique design of this Knee Shield provides full coverage of the knee joint at all times. It doesn’t turn or fall down. The sturdy but comfortable cup is supported from below by a reinforced netting cone that allows for full air flow.


Cup – Tear-resistant Cordura-like fabric with neoprene knee pad and nylon lining
Cup Support – Reinforced netting
Attachment Strap – Fleece covered elastic strap

Click Knee Shield can be worn 24 hours a day, every day, if needed. They attach just above the fetlock joint with an elastic strap encased in fleece for a very comfortable fit. This strap is pulled just snug enough to not slip over the fetlock joint.

How to attach the Click Knee Shield Horse

  1. Attach bottom strap just above the fetlock joint. Pull strap snug enough so it doesn’t slip over the joint. DO NOT PULL STRAP TIGHT.
  2. Attach the remaining velcro tabs loosely.
  3. The Knee Shield should fit loosely around the knee. You should be able to slip your fingers between the shield and the knee joint.


Q: Can the Fetlock or Knee Shield be left on all the time?

A: Absolutely, you just need to check it periodically to make sure it is clean.

Q: Why does it say, “Not to be used on horse in turn-out or pasture.”?

A: The veterinarian who tested them could not test at a full gallop so he wanted that statement on the package.

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