eVysor Eye Protection Goggles eQuick

$ 180.00$ 207.00 ex. VAT

NEW IN Mirrored Rainbow and Mirrored Green Tint

All Lenses offer Superior UV Protection.

Available in Clear, Dark, Mirrored Blue, Green, Rainbow and Orange Tints

Offered in ONE Size with very easy to adjust straps to fit all horse-size horses. It will not fit ponies or large drafts.

Attention: Note that the design and the air vents inlet on the lenses may vary from the photos

We would always recommend that you consult with your vet if your horse suffers from any medical condition before using the eVysor goggles


eVysor Eye Protection Goggles offers maximum comfort and protection.

Thanks to the combination of design and the use of the best materials we can offer you a 360° protection for the eyes of your horse.

A new way in providing maximum comfort and protection to your horses eyes while riding. It was just a few decades ago that horses didn’t wear any eye protection, fly masks, blankets or get their teeth floated, but we treat our horses differently these days.

eVysor Eye Protection Goggles offer superior UV protection from bright Sun Eye sensitivity and discomfort, eye injury, from dust, debris/ branches and wind while riding.

All types of protection can help your horse live a longer, more healthy and adventurous life.

Features and advantages of eVysor are different and they are great for:

After Eye Surgery – Eye Injury – Uveitis – Cataracts – Photo sensitivity – Glaucoma – Eye Scratching – Head-shaking

Trail Riding – Eventing – Eye Protection From Harmful UV Sun, Wind, White Sand, Water, Dust and Branches

Eye Protection From Bright Snow Glare – Skijoring – Photo-Sensitivity – Head-Shaking Syndrome

Barrel Racing – Cross-Country – Jumping – Endurance Riding – Horse Racing – Polo – Gymkhana – Mounted Shooting Protection

Specifically designed to be used during riding only and when your horse is supervised.

It is not recommended to use this product on a horse unattended, because horses like to move around, rub their eyes or it can get caught on something for example a fence and could pull it off and scratch or damage it.

The eVysor fits over the ears and clips under the jaw.

The straps are made from a thick, comfortable elasticated material. This allows it to be easily placed over the bridle.

Stays in place during high energy activities like riding and jumping.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg

Darker, Mirrored Blue, Mirrored Green, Mirrored Orange, Mirrored Rainbow, Transparent

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