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Cleansing clay hoof dressing

750 grams


New label, new sizes, exactly the same product, ingredients and formula:
You will notice some changes to our labelling but dont worry this is exactly the same product that we have been making for years. We have updated the labels to meet labelling regulatory requirements. Meaning we have omitted some labelling elements that are not mandatory and added others that are. We still use the same quality ingredients in the same high concentrations!

Field Paste cleanses and conditions the underside of the horse’s foot, helping frogs and soles stay strong and healthy.

Its ingredients support the natural growth of healthy tissue, especially when rubbed well into the surface of the frog. The active agents also help the hoof and frog tissue to toughen without being caustic or damaging.

The thick, paste-like consistency allows Field Paste to stay in the deep grooves of the foot for longer than thinner solutions.


Pick out and clean feet if necessary. Smear paste deep into the lateral grooves and onto the frog and sole. Re-apply as necessary or when feet are picked out. Once improvement is shown, re-apply weekly to keep soles healthy and tough. Use a thin layer rubbed in well if the paste is not sticking well or the horse is stabled.

Field Paste contains the following ingredients

The natural ingredients have been chosen either for their cleansing and drawing properties or to improve the consistency of the paste.


Natural clay blend

A blend of clays to help draw inpurities out of the sole and frog and give the Field Paste its unique consistency.



Honey for its many beneficial properties and to improve the consistency of the product.

zinc oxide

Natural Minerals

Powerful but gentle compounds to support the correct microbia on the foot and nourish horn tissue.

eucalyptus oil

Essential oils

Highly effective essential oils that helps to toughen weakened structures, cleanse the area and penetrate deep into the structure of the foot.

Red Horse does not add anything to bulk the product out or make it cheaper/ easier to produce.

Every ingredient has a job – to work to solve the problem that it is there to deal with.


How do I help Field Paste stick to the sole?

Make sure the foot is clean and dry and rub a thin layer of Field Paste well into the sole, the more you put on the more likely it is to peel off in one go.

Can I use Field Paste on the skin?

Field Paste is intended to be used on the hoof and frog, we do not recommend using it elsewhere in case it causes irritation.

Do I need to wear gloves when applying Field Paste?

Gloves are not necessary for personal protection (but do wash your hands after use) but are a good idea for keeping your hands clean as Field Paste is quite sticky.


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