Gatusos Rear Protection Boots ROYAL

$ 78.00 ex. VAT

Extra Lightweight – Shock absorbing – Antibacterial – Seamless – Anatomical – Flexible

Made in Spain

One Size – Sold in Pairs 

Left & Right


Gatusos Rear Protection Boots ROYAL

A pair of professional Rear Protection Boots ROYAL, in an innovative patented EVA GUMFLY (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) made with a single piece of antibacterial shock absorbing material, seamless, with an anatomical shell to ensure an excellent fit and with an extra tough velcro closure.

The special continuous ventilation system makes them breathable so the legs can cool down effectively.

Important Use and Care Instructions

1 . Always position the protector correctly.
2 . Once used, wash with warm water, detergent and a soft bristled brush. Hand Wash setting in the washing machine, maximum temperature 30º.
3. Dry with a chamois or at room temperature. Do not tumble dry. Store them at room temperature. Do not use alcohol or other chemicals.
Warning: Never dry the product directly in the sun or other sources of heat that could damage the EVA protectors.

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Material – Gatusos Rear Protection Boots ROYAL

Eva Gumfly is super light, has antibacterial properties, offers a high level of comfort because of the shock absorption, and they are also waterproof.

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Black, Brown, White

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