HAAS Foal Double Brush

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A special double brush for foals. With soft horsehair bristles and a soft massaging comb


HAAS Foal Double Brush

A special double brush for foals. With soft black horsehair on one side and soft massaging curry comb on the other side. Perfect for getting foals used to being brushed.

HAAS uses specially selected synthetic materials as the basis for all brushes and combs.

These synthetics provide: 

  • better hygiene (all products are washable)

  • increased reliability

  • longevity

  • comfortable handling

  • water resistance

  • precision manufacturing

  • retention of bristles

  • shatter resistance

During the manufacturing process the hand loop together with the bristles are directly incorporated with the body of the brush. No nails, spikes or screws means no risk of injury. No glue, so nothing can fall apart. The loops can not come away or become loose. The longevity of brushes is guaranteed – a good reason to choose HAAS.

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