HITCH de luxe Saddle Cover

$ 49.00 ex. VAT

  • Nothing sticks out!
  • No special tools needed!
  • Makes no marks!


Flexible, mobile and innovative saddlehanger.

Hang your saddle wherever you like via a smart strap and special designed hooks.


HITCH de luxe Saddle Cover has a soft plush lining and a shoulder strap to leave your hands free.
As the velcro strap is longer it is perfect for spanish saddles and saddles with built up pads.
Black water repellent outer fabric comes with either gold, silver or pink lines and combined carabiner hooks.

The specially designed aluminum hooks are surrounding Ø 25 mm which therefore can reach around most boxbars. Elastic cords in the back tightens the cover around the saddle.

NOTE! The saddle is hanging by the hooks and with the velcro strap surrounding the saddle. The cover is there to protect your saddle and you can uncover the skirts and stirrups at any time while HITCH hangs your saddle.

Dimensions 80 × 160 × 5 cm

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Weight 0.9 kg

Gold Carabiners, Pink Carabiners, Silver Carabiners