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Hoof-Stuff is an anti-fungal and antibacterial hoof pack for plugging holes and cracks in equine hooves.

290 grams


New label, new sizes, exactly the same product, ingredients and formula.

Hoof-Stuff contains only naturally occurring ingredients and is non-toxic, safe and easy to use.

Its ability to stay in crevices due to its fibrous content allows it to act for longer than other packs and potions. Hoof-Stuff has been found useful for toe holes, white line cracks, central sulcus crevices, abscess cavities, grass cracks among other issues.

It’s active ingredients act not only to eliminate detrimental fungi and bacteria but also support natural healing and restoration of healthy tissue.

Honey makes fantastic base for this product increasing its antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic powers and aiding adhesion into the hole!

Hoof-Stuff Red Horse Products is for use in deeper, tighter holes in the hooves where it is deemed fabric would stay. With shallower holes Artimud is advised instead.

For deeper cavities and abscess tracts that may go deeper than can be easily seen we recommend only using Hoof-Stuff under the instruction of your vet or hoof care professional. In these situations it is important to ensure all packing is removed on a regular basis and before adding more material to avoid causing a buildup.


Pick out and clean feet if necessary, use Sole Cleanse or salt water to flush any debris from the cavity to be packed.

Allow to dry or use wadding to dry as much as possible.  Push small sections of Hoof-Stuff deep into the cavity with a hoof pick, avoiding causing sensitivity.

It is best not to pack the cavity all the way to the surface and in frog cavities to allow cracks to close in behind it – this helps the packing stay in. We suggest removing the packing after 2 days, if it comes out clean it may be left in longer next time and if it comes out dirty it is best to change it more often.

Avoid getting the cavity wet before packing unless it needs to be flushed due to dirt infiltration.

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Hoof-Stuff contains the following ingredients


Minerals – Powerful but gentle minerals to give an ideal consistency, cleanse the area and support healthy tissues.

Honey – With its many amazing active properties and a sticky consistency to help Hoof-Stuff stay in place.

Natural fibres – To keep the other ingredients in contact with hoof tissues in cavities and create pressure to support natural tissue growth.

All of the ingredients we use in Hoof-Stuff are naturally occuring and have been chosen either for their active properties or to improve the consistency of the product.

Red Horse does not add anything to bulk the product out or make it cheaper/ easier to produce.

Every ingredient has a job – to work to solve the problem that it is there to deal with.

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