Juniid Tights Under Garment Plain White

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An under garment against thigh chafing.

Thin, cool and comfortable!

Feel confident!

Swedish design

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Juniid Tights Under Garment

Thigh chafing is perhaps one of the most common thigh-related skin problems. It happens as a result of friction when your inner thighs rub against each other, damaging your skin. When you have thigh chafing, you may notice red, blister-like lesions that can also burn. 

While it’s true that thigh chafing can be worsened by humidity and by workout-related sweat, you don’t want chafing to keep you away from your favorite activities.

Thigh chafing symptoms

Thigh chafing occurs along your inner thighs after they rub against one another. You might be dealing with chafing if you notice the following symptoms in the area:

  • redness

  • blister-like lesions or boils

  • a flat rash

  • burning sensations

  • pain

  • itchiness as the skin heals

If you have frequent chafing, you may start to notice brown spots on your inner thighs. These form when your skin heals after a chafing episode, but they may recur if you have continuous chafing.

Thigh chafing causes

Thigh chafing is caused when your thighs rub against each other and cause friction, similar to wearing tight shoes that cause blisters on your feet. You may be at an increased risk for thigh chafing due to:

  • sweating, either from exercise or from everyday activities

  • walking or running

  • wearing thin leggings, skirts, or shorts that don’t provide enough barrier between your thighs

  • heat and humidity

  • wearing cotton or other fabrics that don’t absorb enough moisture

  • trapped moisture between skin folds

Juniid Tights prevents thigh chafing by creating a barrier between the skin on the inner thighs under your garments.

Stylish, functional and comfortable underwear with flat and soft seams. The material is elastic, breathable, quick-drying and light so they stay in place.

This garment is designed to fit your body shape.


Fabric: 80% Polyamide, 20% Elastane

Durable and stretchy

Moisture-transporting and quick-drying materials

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