Rheva Plaster and Snögg Cohesive Plaster

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Rheva Plaster Sold in Pairs

Snögg Cohesive Plaster Sold in Pairs

Recycle RHEVA as plastic.

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Rheva Plaster

Snögg Cohesive Plaster

Insect bites, lacerated wounds and other injuries can be difficult to heal if you do not keep it clean and minimize the risk of infection.

RHEVA is the new unique way to protect wounds for animals. Through the ventilated net, the wound is able to breath while protecting the wound from infectious risks. The customized net has a shape that allows some distance from the wound and acts in such a way as a partition between the infectious risks and the wound itself.

Rheva is also easy to use. Just pull off the protective plastic film and attach your RHEVA just like a regular patch.

How to Use

RHEVA wound protection is available in two sizes: Small 5 × 7 cm or Large 7 × 10 cm

Choose the one that best fits the size of the wound.

In order for RHEVA to sit as well as possible, it is important that the area is cleaned properly, and in normal cases we recommend saline. Feel free to shave the area if you can, then RHEVA attaches even better.


Small is designed for wounds up to 2.5 × 4.5 cm and also works well on exposed parts of the animal. In normal cases we recommend small legs and joints.

Large is suitable for other injuries to the body and works on wounds up to 7 × 4 cm.

1. Thoroughly clean the wound and attachment surface. We recommend saline in normal cases.

2. Dry the mounting surface carefully. The area can be shaved if possible, it provides a better contact surface.

3. Peel off the white plastic film. Try as best you can to not touch the sticky surface with your fingers.

4. Fasten the RHEVA immediately and push around the mounting surface. Keep the pressure for a minute, this warms the adhesive surface and makes the patch fasten better.


If necessary, we urge in most cases to clean the wound with saline solution. Avoid using chemicals in the wound area as it normally impairs the healing process. During healing, the wound can be cleaned through the mesh, however, this can impair adhesion.

In some places on the horse like legs and neck (where there is a lot of movement) it may sometimes be necessary to support RHEVA with an extra bandage such as Snögg.


When removing the plastic film, avoid touching the adhesive surface. Attach your RHEVA to a dry and clean coat. The coat should be clean from chemicals such as coat gloss and fly spray as these have no function in connection with RHEVA treatment. These chemicals also impair the adhesive properties of RHEVA. When applying, gently pull your fingers around the flat surface so that the adhesive surface makes good contact with the coat. Adherence can be impaired if the animal falls or in severe cold and other harsh weather conditions. For optimal adhesion, long fur may need to be cut/shaved.


The important thing is that the mounting surface is clean from dust, gravel, soil and dirt. Fur gloss and fly spray also impair adhesion. In most cases, when cleaning the wound (with clean water or saline), it is sufficient to thoroughly dry the coat around the wound. Sometimes if the coat is treated with ex. coat gloss so use a wound cleanser to clean the coat around the wound. The adhesive in RHEVA is a carefully balanced product with medically classified materials for good adhesion and that it can be removed without piling or leaving a lot of adhesive on the coat. The adhesive adheres best after sitting for a few hours and “drying”, it stays in place very well when it is stuck. In some places on the horse, eg, legs and neck (where there is a lot of movement) it may sometimes be necessary to support RHEVA with an extra bandage eg. Snögg (see pictures above)


The animal sometimes removes RHEVA itself as it rolls or itches. Since animals are normally careful with damaged areas. Carefully pull off the RHEVA, starting at one corner.

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