ShoeSecure with studs

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ShoeSecure is a fantastic new invention to prevent a horse from treading on the heels of it’s front shoes and ripping them off.

Sold in Pairs and includes 4 SupaStuds


We highly recommend that you use ShoeSecures with over reach boots


ShoeSecure with studs

Losing horseshoes in the field can be a recurring nightmare, the inconvenience of replacing lost shoes and the risk of the shoes lying in the field somewhere with the nails sticking up is a genuine concern.

Now lost shoes will be a thing of the past, saving you money, time, frustration and your horse’s feet.
ShoeSecure® protects the horse from over reach damage and also the possible hoof damage done when shoes are ripped off.

ShoeSecure with studs, if used correctly will last for months. Made from an extremely strong thermoplastic polymer, ShoeSecures are lightweight, strong durable but still flexible.

Quick and easy to fit, just hold under the tap to clean. ShoeSecures are secured onto the horseshoe with Bespoke SupaStuds with all the patented SupaStud Features.

Choice from any of the four colours ShoeSecures, and available in two sizes.

Please see size chart and also speak to your farrier

If your horse has narrow heels with a shoe size 5 inches or under small will fit, flat heeled horses tend to be broader at the back, shoe size 5 inches to 6 1/2 inches medium will fit.

1. Stud holes in horseshoe used to mark drill holes.

2. ShoeSecure is drilled to receive studs using a 12mm bit.

3. Product is secured to the horseshoe by two square headed flat SupaStuds specifically designed to be used with ShoeSecure.

4. Fitted ShoeSecure.

 Easy and quick to fit

  1. Easy to clean.

  2. If used correctly keeps stud holes in excellent condition for use by conventional jumping studs.

  3. For complete lower fore limb protection when turned out in the field an extra large size neoprene overreach boot is recommended with a tendon boot.

  4. Shoesecure Preparation Fitting to an existing shoe

  5. Fitting to a new shoe

  6. Sizing and adjusting

Additional information

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Medium, Small


Black, Blue, Orange, Yellow

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