Two Horses in a Bathtub Cooling Shampoo Kit + Conditioner

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This product is: 
-No silicone 
-Handmade in Sweden 
-Ph balanced


Two Horses in a Bathtub

A cooling shampoo for tired muscles. 
Perfect after competition or training. Contains menthol and rosmary. 
The menthol gives a nice and cool feeling and has a calming effect on sensitive skin. Rosemary increases blood circulation.

The conditioner bar contains honeypowder for a anti-itch effect, nourishing oils that makes the mane and tail manageable and shiny. 

You can also use the conditioner bar on the horse’s body for more shine and smoothness.

100gr shampoo bar for mane and tail 
200gr shampoo powder 
70gr conditioner bar

Two-three tablespoons in 10 liters of lukewarm water. Use the shampoo bar on the mane and tail for extra cleanliness. For dirty horses we recommend shampooing twice. Rinse carefully.

We recommend that the shampoo and conditioner bar are kept separate and in an airy container between uses for longer shelf life and that the shampoo powder be kept dry.

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