VILLAge Wool Pads

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VILLAge™ Leg wraps are made of Finnish sheep’s wool.

The unbeatable properties of wool, warmth and lanolin will take care of your horse with visible results.

Even veterinarians recommend sheep’s wool for treating and rehabilitating tendon injuries in horses.

Wraps are sold in pairs.

The colour of the wraps varies.


VILLAge Wool Pads

The wool is rolled into pads, and has been relatively untreated. Sheep fat, i.e. lanolin, is stored in wool. That is precisely the characteristic of the product. When you pick up the wraps, you’ll see what I’m talking about!

The product treats mud fever and wounds quickly. Wool accelerates blood circulation , which prevents stress injuries . It also reduces swelling effectively.

Wrap the wool on the dry leg and completely under the pastern for the whole night, and in the morning the legs will be dry. If you keep the product dry and clean, the properties of the wool will remain good for about a month.

They can also be used, for example, during transport or for recovery after training.



VILLage™ Leg wraps are made in a generous size for maximum lifespan and to withstand a small amount of shrinkage. Wool from Suomenlammas felts easily, especially during the first couple of uses. It’s worth putting a piece of pintle between the layers when you start wrapping. This way, you can find the layers better when unpacking. The pads can be gently pulled into shape.

VILLage™ Leg wraps contain a lot of lanolin, and every time it is used, it is also absorbed by the horse. When used diligently, the product’s lifespan is about a month. Of course, the heat effect does not disappear even after this. The product is environment friendly and is 100% biodegradable.

Store the product in a dry place.

All horse people know what challenges the changing of the seasons brings for the horse, lots of nasty mud, and humidity.

Mud fever often starts around the pastern and can climb upwards. If it gets really bad, it can cause swelling and lymphangitis. The pastern on the horse is in an awkward place because the area is constantly moving and it can also be painful.

No other creams or lotions are needed when lanolin which is contained in wool cares for the skin. Wool absorbs moisture, so the legs will definitely stay dry all night. Wool is also an antiseptic, and prevents inflammation.

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