Sizing Guide


Sizing Guide


Sizing Guide


If your horse is not a standard size, please use the following guideline for measuring.  When you receive the mask, please check the size and fit immediately and contact me OR Guardian Mask directly.


Most horses wear normal head gear, sizing shouldn’t be a problem, If your horse has trouble fitting into standard bridles or halters, this guideline is intended to help you measure.  Since it can be difficult to measure a horse, we do understand and can usually determine size by height and breed, feel free to give us a call or email , and we can help you with this process. Some horses have very wide eye sets and some horses have very large jaws.  These are the horses we usually need to double check size on, remember, if you can buy an over the counter bridle or halter, then fit, shouldn’t be a problem.

 If you need to order a custom mask, please call direct USA 512-756-0320 US Central Standard Time.

Step 1

 Step 1 – Measure from the very center of your horses right eye lens (pupil), across the forehead to the very center of the left eye lens (pupil). It is recommended to use a cloth tape measure.


step 2

Step 2 – Measure again from the very center of your horses right eye lens (pupil), down and under the throat latch and back up to the very center of the left eye lens (pupil).



Measuring in hands

Step 3 – Measuring height. We hand manufacture the Guardian Horse Mask products in the USA, and we use “Hands High” or “hh” as our basic horse height measuring method. The easiest way to measure is to purchase an inexpensive horse measuring tape that is found in most tack stores or agriculture shops that have livestock supplies.


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