How to Apply and Take Off


How to Apply and Take Off the Accuhorsemat

To give your horse the very best experience when first introducing the Accuhorsemat to your horse, we suggest letting your horse slowly get used to the sensation of the acupressure rosettes on its back by applying the hindquarter mat only. This without the actual blanket attached to it.

Horses have varying individual temperaments which will manifest itself in how they react to the acupressure mat when first being introduced to it. Most horses take to it immediately and will start enjoying and relaxing within a short period of time. Other horses may take a little longer.

Once you feel your horse is well adjusted to the acupressure mat, then it’s time to apply the whole blanket. On the other side of this page you will find step-by-step instructions on how to properly apply the blanket complete with the acupressure mats.

It is extremely important that your horse is securely fastened in its cross ties or tied up in other appropriate place. Never leave your horse unattended when wearing the Accuhorsemat. Recommended time of wear is 30-45 minutes.  

Instructions as downloadable pdf

1) Stand your horse in the cross ties. Our recommendation is to only apply the hindquarter mat the very first few times the Accuhorsemat is introduced to your horse. This is to let the horse get used to the sensation of the acupressure rosettes.

2) Once your horse is used to the acupressure mat, the blanket with the shoulder mats fastened with velcro can be applied on the horse. Start with applying the hindquarter mat making sure the spinal column is free of acupressure rosettes. Fold the blanket as the picture shows.

3) Fasten the triple front closures. Not too tight in the beginning. The pressure can be adjusted afterwards if needed.

4) Fold the blanket over the hindquarter mat as shown.Take care not to lift it too high over the back as some horses tend to tense up when approaching the hind end. Just gently pull the blanket over the back as close as you can.

5) Fasten the surcingles, not too tight. Their purpose is more to keep the blanket in place.

6) The fillet string aids the hindquarter mat to better envelop the hind end. It’s up to you whether you want to use it or not.

7) Leave the blanket on for 30–45 minutes, time depending on how your horse reacts. We recommend that you increase the time gradually, and you will notice fairly quickly what time frame best suits your horse.

8) When taking off the blanket, start with the fillet string, then the surcingles and end with the front closures. Just how you take off a regular blanket. Fold the front part of the blanket back over the hindquarters.

9) Put your hands, palms facing up, in underneath the blanket and lift it off. Don’t pull it off as it may irritate the horse. Remove the hindquarter mat, fold the blanket and put it all back in the designated blanket bag.


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