The Problem


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The Problem


There are various challenges represented by every day riding that can require a horse to be re-shod sooner than it need be:

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  • The rear hooves clipping the heels of the front hooves and pulling the shoe loose

  • Suction effect of wet and heavy ground conditions

  • Foreign objects becoming wedged between the shoe and hoof

  • Loosening of the shoe from pawing fences or gates

    A set of horseshoes is quite expensive and are renewed every 5-6 weeks. The cost to the horse’s owner for a farrier to re-fit or re-place a shoe varies and is also dependent on appointment. The cost and time consuming impact of this problem are a major annoyance for any horse owner.

    In addition, the loss of a horseshoe can mean a horse is unable to compete or continue its exercise or training regime – a critical risk for the competition, sport or race horse.

    Repeated loss of shoes results in accumulative damage to the hoof with loss of wall and sole that can cause lameness and periods where the horse is out of action.


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