The Solution


 The Solution


The ShoeSecure® horseshoe shield is a device precision crafted in durable rubber to further secure the horse’s shoe and protect the horse’s heel from being clipped by its rear hooves. The back quarter of the horse’s hoof, hoof wall and part of the frog are protected from the typical causes of shoe loss.

  • Highly refined product design shaped to maximise protection without impacting performance

  • Re-usable, lightweight and easily attached by means of two low profile SupaStuds

  • Allows freedom of airflow to avoid risk of infection or fungal problems

  • Reduces risk of time consuming shoe loss in challenging environments without impacting the horse’s gait

  • Allows the farrier to properly balance the shoe on the hoof providing adequate support for the heels

ShoeSecure® Features…

  • Designed for horses turned out in the field

  • For use with conventional nailed-on horseshoes only

  • Suitable for some remedial shoes such as heart-bars

  • Works best on horses well shod by a qualified farrier

  • Available in various shoe sizes

  • Allows some adjustability for variations in hoof size

ShoeSecure® is NOT…

  • To keep shoes on that are over due for removal, loose or badly fitted

  • For use while the horse is being ridden

  • For a horse turned out on concrete or tarmac

  • Designed for continuous wearing


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