Elite Equine and the food we feed – 28 July 2019

Elite Equine and the food we feed –  28 July 2019


Katie Young, Ph.D. and equine nutritionist, gives some guidance as to good feeding practice:

“When horses are in their natural situation, wandering on thousands of acres, grazing throughout the day and moving freely, their digestive systems work fairly well with small amounts of forage moving through pretty much all the time. But with the demands and constraints placed on horses by people, good feeding management is required to keep our horses healthy and comfortable. And the farther we take them from their natural environment, the more management-intensive we have to be to keep them healthy.

Once you understand the fascinating equine gut, you will hopefully never have to memorize a rule again, but until then, here are some feeding-management rules as guidance:

  • Feed small meals often. This helps your horse's digestive tract work most efficiently, as well as reduces the risk of digestive disturbances, such as colic.

  • Feed no more than about 0.5 percent of your horse's body weight in grain per meal (5 pounds for a 1,000-pound horse). This helps reduce the risk of soluble carbohydrate overload to the hindgut. When using feeds lower in sugars and starch than grain, you can increase the amount fed in a meal.

  • Feed at least 0.1 percent of your horse's body weight per day (dry matter) in roughage (10 pounds of hay for a 1,000-pound horse). Adequate fibre is necessary to keep the microbial population healthy and maintain proper hindgut function.

  • Make feeding changes gradually. Any sudden change in feed and hay can result in digestive disturbances. Minor changes can be made over three to four days, and major changes may need to be spread over a few weeks.

  • Only use feeds designed and labelled for horses. Feeds designed for other species will not meet horses' specific nutrient requirements and may contain substances that are toxic to horses.

  • Never feed mouldy feed or hay to horses. Horses are more sensitive to many substances than most other species due to their inability to regurgitate.“ [1]

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[1] https://practicalhorsemanmag.com/health-archive/architecture-of-the-equine-digestive-system-11756