Hoof & Veterinarian Tape – Hov och Veterinärtejp

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Extremely durable, flexible and waterproof tape that also can be applied in minus degrees as well as warm weather.

The measurements are 62,5mm x 18m.


Hoof and veterinarian tape especially suited for use by veterinarians and farriers when treating a hoof abscess, plastering and bandaging and requires  the hoof to be waterproof and protected against contamination.

The tape is very robust and the only product of its kind on the market.

Very strong and puncture resistant.

A farrier, Kjell Reimertz from Gothenburg has used the tape on hooves and says this

“A few thoughts of what I´m using the tape for

-In case your horse would loose its shoe, I would recommend you to tape around the hoof capsule to keep the hoof together so that it won’t crack/split.
-When your horses shoe is lose, you can use the tape to keep the shoe in place for a while.
-I use the hoof and veterinary tape when I’m treating an abscess. Then, I put two layers crossed over each other. It keeps moisture and dirt out.
– You can also tape around the hoof to minimize movement in case of injuries, for example a fracture.
-It is also possible to tape on a block or wedge to the hoof for evaluation.
-Can be used for floating soles.”

How to wrap an Abscess

Hoof and Veterinary Tape

How to use Hoof & Veterinarian Tape

Tape is easy to use. Wrap it in overlapping turns around the hoof. Make sure it fits properly on the hoof and that it closes tightly. Be careful with soft parts to avoid injury. The tape is flexible and easy to apply in both cold and hot conditions.

Robust, durable and waterproof
Superior stretchability and adhesion
The horse can go outside even when injured

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