Equi Ergo Fit Mohair Girths

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Handmade Mohair Girths made to order

They take approximately 10 weeks

Email if you have any questions

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Equi Ergo Fit Mohair Girths
Handmade to order, they take approximately 10 weeks
– 100% mohair cord
– Sprenger buckles
– EU leather for buckle protectors

ADVANTAGES of mohair for horses (and riders):

– Mohair is a natural fibre and is as such breathable and moisture-wicking. – Is hypoallergenic.
– Is easy to take care of.
– Is durable (with proper care)

MSSA OEKO-TEX Certificate 56277

Stucken Group

CARE INSTRUCTIONS for Equi Ergo Fit Mohair Girths:

– Use your hand to remove all the rough dirt, such as little stones or soil/sand particles, which you collected during the ride. DON’T BRUSH, ESPECIALLY NOT WITH COARSE BRUSHES! – it damages mohair cords and shortens their life span which can endanger your safety!

– Rinse the tack with water (garden hose or shower/faucet) and remove the dirt and/or horse’s sweat. DON’T USE HIGH-PRESSURE CLEANERS!

– USE COLD or LUKEWARM WATER! – mohair is equally sensitive as sheep wool.

– Use your hands to gently rub the tack in a bucket of water to which you might have added a bit of the gentle wool detergent.

– Rinse your tack well with clean water.

– Dry the mohair tack slowly on a flat surface (we recommend you put a towel under it) and DON’T expose it to the direct heat, sun, heating devices or fire!


If you use your mohair tack daily, consider having two pieces of it so you can use it interchangeably – in this case you can wash your horse’s sweat right after your ride and use the other piece while the first one is drying up.

– ACTIVELY PREVENT THE OCCURRENCE OF MOTHS AND RODENTS, as they can damage your mohair tack to the point of being unusable – think about riding safety!



I needed a new girth for Takida and decided to try the Equi Ergo Fit Mohair Girth. I am absolutely thrilled with it!! Fits Takida like a glove and the thing that impressed me the most was that even in 20 plus degrees and nearly 2 hours in the forest he came back all sweaty and there wasn’t any sweat under the girth, not one mark!! Love it…Kim and Takida x

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E-Roper, 26 Strand (14-15cm Wide at the middle*), Straight 14-Strand Girths (ca. 9-10cm wide*), Straight 18-Strand LONG Girths (ca. 11-12 cm wide*)


Black, Brown, Beige/Cream


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